Basic Technique

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11 responses

15 03 2012

i want join ur online class

29 04 2013

I will announce the next online class here. Should be next fall.

8 01 2013

I love this concept. Thank you! Colleen

10 02 2013
Anju Jolly

Loved your video, I am a mosaic artist and would love to mix mosaic and silk painting together somehow.

15 03 2013
Terralee Ginther

Are the notched frames something you make or are they available at art stores.

25 08 2013

I’ m a beginner is this class for me?
Please let me know.
Thank you

2 10 2013
6 09 2013

I’m from Sri Lanka and how can I join your online classes

2 10 2013
23 03 2014

I am making silk paint dress but some spots of others colors so please tell me how can I remove them

29 06 2014

I am not sure. Perhaps your dry cleaner can answer that.

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